Dear airbrush fan,

one might think that airbrush is a new technique, but actually it was already 35,000 years ago,
that people in Aurignac blew red ochre dust onto the stone walls of their caves using blow pipes.
A well-known recurrent subject in the French caves of Lascaux and Pech-Merle shows the
outline of a human hand.

In the 17th century airbrush was already known in Japan.
In the late 19th century it also gained importance in the western world.

In the year 1893 the American Charles Burdick invented the first airbrush pistol called "Aerograph".
It was applied for a patent in Great Britain.
The functionality of this first pistol is still used today.

Most of the works shown on my web site were sprayed on special cartoon.
Many pictures were only partly masked, the rest was sprayed free.
The works have sizes from 40 x 60 cm up to 70 x 110 cm. The pistol I use is an
Aerograph "Super63" made by DeVilbis with a 0.15 mm nozzle/jet.
I use varnishing Airbrush colors.

All works were shown in exhibitions already. I have been using the airbrush technique since 1973.